A new year

A year passed and another began with different hopes, dreams and expectations. 2011 was an extraordinary year full of dramatic events, I really hope for 2012 to be different with no sorrow or bloodshed and be it full of joy and happiness. 

On the other hand I’m now 23 years old 🙂 so I think I’m getting older with the same life and same activities, I hope I can achieve what I dream of, become the one I dream to be and do what I dream to do 🙂 so please pray for me 🙂

  1. First of all
    Happy new year my dear dear long time no see friend Eslam
    I really miss you

    second i wanna tell u that 2011 was one of the strangest year that ever existed
    for me it was full of successes in my career path (thank god) and it was also a big failure on many other levels specially emotional (thank god too)

    so i just said goodbye and never comeback to this crazy year and really truthfully hoping for 2012 to be much better on all the levels of my life
    and yours too

    sincerely yours

    • SOLOM
    • January 7th, 2012

    Hosam : I miss u too my friend and I’m really sick of the routine of my life (from work to home and vice verse) so I really hope for it to be a better year (I truly hope so)

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